Solean Case Study

This 7.412 MW solar project was built in the town of Olean, a small city near the Pennsylvania border . The Solean arrays help to power the St. Bonaventure campus as well as the Olean General Hospital.  

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How Does it Feel to Have A Local Business Powered by Solar Energy?

Ever wonder what it feels like to be the owner of a solar-powered business? Listen to Doug and Joan Allen of Long Acre Farms as they share what it’s like to have a local business powered by the sun!  We installed a 72.8kW solar array at Long Acre Farms in the Spring of 2015. The ground mounted solar array is expected to cover over 100% of the farms’ electric load and pay for itself in just five years. The array will save the farm, which hosts a winery and ice cream shop, over $300,000 over the expected life of the…

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