What To Expect: Exploring Solar Energy for your Business

Is your business interested in the benefits of solar energy but unsure of the time commitment involved with exploring the option?Here’s what you can expect once you let GreenSpark know your business would like a free solar analysis.1.) GreenSpark will get to work on putting together a comprehensive solar analysis and a free quote for your company.In order to do so, we’ll simply need a copy of an electric bill.2.) GreenSpark will schedule a digital consultation with you to review your solar analysis and answer any questions you may have.Your comprehensive solar analysis will include:Annual expected savingsGross system price, incentives…

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5 Benefits of Sustainable Building and Home Construction

The environmental movement doesn’t have to be confined to recycling empty cans and reducing paper waste at the office. While these small steps contribute to making a big difference, sustainable building is allowing businesses of all sizes to reduce their costs and their environmental impact from the ground up – literally. Also known as green building, sustainable building is the application of eco-friendly, resource-efficient construction processes designed to reduce the overall environmental impact of a structure throughout its lifetime. Construction and many of its operations can have can extensive direct and indirect impacts on the environment, the community, the economy,…

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Canvassing: First Impressions by Zach Davis

I have only been with GreenSpark for a short time, but already, my outlook on grassroots organizing and going door to door has transformed. I think there is a stigma surrounding going door to door. You can picture it: the smooth-talking, greasy salesman just looking to rip you off and take your money. At least, that's what I always pictured when I thought of going door to door. I just pictured countless doors slamming in my face; people running and diving beneath their beds to hide when they saw me coming down the street. What I imagined, however, couldn't have been…

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