Pivot Energy

GreenSpark is providing the primary engineering, procurement, and construction services for six projects across Central and Upstate New York, owned by Pivot Energy, totaling 27.8 MW. The projects are all tracker systems, which means the solar panels move with the sun in order to maximize production. It has been a privilege working with Pivot, another Certified B Corp that focuses on providing a positive impact on society as measured by environmental stewardship, social leadership, and responsible governance (ESG) factors.

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Cornell University Phase II

In 2020, Cornell announced a 1 MW power purchase agreement on the rooftop of five new buildings of their North Campus Residential Expansion. GreenSpark was chosen to design, engineer, and construct the solar arrays, and the project is owned by Kendall Sustainability Infrastructure with GreenSpark as a tax equity partner. This second phase of the project brings another 725kW to the Cornell campus. The solar power from this total project will reduce Cornell’s carbon footprint by providing about 35% of the power needed for the new buildings, and the energy represents a tenfold increase in the on-campus rooftop solar capacity.…

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Must Stash It

Must Stash It, a self storage facility in Canandaigua, made the switch to solar in 2022 with a 10.36kW roof-mount array. This project installed by GreenSpark Solar was funded in part through the NYSERDA NY-Sun program.

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Is Solar Good for the Grid?

There are many advantages to going solar, and you’ve heard them before: reduced emissions, decreased energy bills, more jobs, environmental benefits: the list goes on! But did you know that solar is also good for the health of the electrical grid, which financially benefits our communities? Many people don’t often think about where their electricity is coming from when turning on the lights or starting the coffee maker in the morning. But, the electricity generated to make your household items work is often traveling hundreds, even thousands of miles. This travel takes up energy, resulting in the loss of available energy for the consumer. You may hear this referred to as transmission loss, which is pretty inefficient. A key solution to combat transmission loss is called distributed generation, which uses localized energy sources, like solar power, to generate electricity closer to where it’s being used.

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Solar All Year

Whether you’re a homeowner or business owner, solar can help save you money. Net metering is one reason why solar is such a good deal for homeowners and business owners in Rochester. It allows you to save money on your energy bills all year long–even during gloomier months.

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