Why We Need Your Utility Bill

Calculating Your Savings At GreenSpark, going solar is a lot easier, simpler, and more affordable than you think.Turnkey and Transparent: In addition to handling the entire process from start to finish, including financing and determining what federal grants and tax incentives can be applied to your project, one of the ways we take the guesswork out of going solar is by being completely transparent at all times.That means no surprises whatsoever – well, you might be surprised to learn how much you can save with solar and how affordable it is to make the switch.Finding the Right Fit: Before you sign on…

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Garth Clark, Solar Installer

Garth has been in the solar energy field for three years and joined GreenSpark in 2016 as a Residential Crew Lead. Passionate about renewable energy, Garth is helping the GreenSpark team bring affordable solar to the Rochester area. He is working towards being a NABCEP certified installer. Garth is proud to be with a company that cares for the planet and people alike. When Garth is not at work, he enjoys spending time with his family in Livonia. He and his wife have three wonderful daughters! He enjoys long distance running and live music. Garth started writing songs as a…

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Michael Hopkins, Accounting Manager

A native of Long Island, Mike moved to Rochester in 2015 to pursue a career that matched his skills and values. He found that match at GreenSpark, where he keeps all the moving parts of finance and accounting moving. Mike helped GreenSpark grow tremendously in the last few years and is excited to see the small team he started with in 2015 filled with new passionate people who are transforming their community toward a renewable future. Mike is a self-starter who spends his leisure time exploring Rochester, creating music, starting a record label, and digging in to filmmaking. He graduated…

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