Proudly One of Rochester’s Best Places To Work

Work is a fact of life, and one that occupies a great deal of our time. On average, it’s been estimated that nearly a third of our lives is spent at work. Keeping this in mind, wouldn’t you want to work for a company that adds to your life? Wouldn’t you want a job you feel good about going to each day? Well, GreenSpark thinks so. Recently named one of Rochester’s Top Workplaces in 2018, GreenSpark won first place in the small employment size category, which is reserved for companies that employ 35 to 124 employees regionally. GreenSpark's collaborative, family-focused…

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Renewable Energy: A Public Health Imperative

Increasing the use of renewable-sourced energy is a public health imperative and healthcare organizations are in a prime position to lead the way. We know that at every stage of traditional fossil fuels and the ever-more extractive fossil fuels, from extraction to burning, are a leading source of negative health impacts across the globe. The healthcare sector combats and mitigates the resulting health problems every day. Renewable sources of energy like solar and wind offer healthier, brighter, and more resilient communities. Today, we shine a light on healthcare industry leaders as they strive to sustain their legacy of caring for their…

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5 Common Myths About Commercial Solar Power Debunked for Good

The future of solar power in Western New York is bright, and it’s getter even brighter. Despite their growing popularity, many consumers still have concerns about solar energy and how well solar panels work. Isn’t it too cold here? Aren’t they expensive? Won’t they ruin my roof? Don’t let common misconceptions about solar power prevent you from missing out on some serious cost and energy savings! Here are five common myths about solar power followed by the facts. It’s way too cold and cloudy for solar panels to work here Did you know that solar panels still work in cloudy,…

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Rochester Electric Vehicle Accelerator’s Workplace Charger Challenge

Join GreenSpark at the Rochester Chamber SPOTlight- Workplace Charging- March 6th at 4:45 to 7pm GreenSpark is delighted to be one of six companies to join the Rochester Electric Vehicle Accelerator’s Workplace Charger Challenge! Sponsored by the Greater Rochester Chamber of Commerce, this challenge will encourage other businesses to install electric vehicle (EV) chargers onsite for employees —and take a step toward a brighter future. GreenSpark began with two EV charging stations in 2016 and within one year, increased to six charging stations due to demand by both employee-owned and company-owned EVs. It is no doubt that EVs are key to…

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