Benefit Corporation in Action!

Did you know that GreenSpark is a certified Benefit Corporation, also known as a B Corp? This means we are committed to our triple bottom line of People, Planet, and Profit and dedicated to using our business as a force for good. One of the ways GreenSpark exercises business as a force for good is through one of our definitions of success - by giving back to our community. We donate shares of our Community Solar Program to non-profits, helping them reduce their operational costs. Our first two local beneficiaries are the M. K. Gandhi Institute for Nonviolence, a nonprofit…

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Rochester Residents See Huge Savings from Installed Solar Arrays

GreenSpark installed a 7.42kW roof mounted solar array for Elliot and Anna Vos at their home in the Highland Park Neighborhood of Rochester in 2015. The array covers just about 100% of their annual electric usage saving them nearly $1500 per year. Over the life of the system the Vos' will see over $34,000 in savings. The payback period was originally just about eight years, but through GreenSpark's referral Program, the Vos' have referred so many new customers that they will see the return on their investment much faster.Vos Details Breakdown:7.42kW roof mountReduction in Electricity Usage - nearly 100%Anticipated Annual…

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Why the Webster Solar Challenge

Webster Solar Challenge Rochester was recently listed as #2 on Redfin’s list of top 10 U.S. cities in the Northeast region with the most untapped solar potential. So what does this mean for our City and for GreenSpark?  This means we have a huge opportunity in terms of job creation, sustainability, strengthening our local economy, and saving people money by powering our grid with clean, green, and local solar. GreenSpark went a step further to analyze the towns with the most untapped solar potential, and found that Webster homes frequently have ideal setups for rooftop solar, yet the financial benefits…

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A Letter From Our CEO

A Letter From Our CEO on the Paris Climate Accord It took almost 15 minutes of my very first undergraduate class to know and understand that Climate Change is real.  At that moment, I engaged in a career to help build a clean energy future – a task that has kept me busy for the last 20 years and beyond.  The political decision to end US involvement in the Paris Climate Agreement is an assault that strikes upon an industry that has already survived a few.  This latest setback may have been lethal had it struck in 1997, when I…

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