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Going solar puts the green in your practice and your profits. Experience significant financial return while creating new opportunities for your employees, stakeholders, & customers. GreenSpark’s free solar consultation is available to any organization paying an electric bill. GreenSpark can help with any commercial and industrial solar project in the region and beyond.

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Why Go Solar at Your Business?


Businesses in Rochester are Going Solar

Corporate Sustainability

Take Control

Right now, businesses like yours are eligible for Federal & New York State incentives that can reduce the cost of solar by up to

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Why GreenSpark?

An Industry Leader with Over 20 Years Experience

Our trusted team of experts spend 100% of our time and efforts on providing industry-leading, high-quality solar installations. We are a certified NYSERDA Quality Installer, named a 2022 Top Contractor by Solar Power World, and a Top Workplace & Fastest Growing Company in the nine-county Finger Lakes region.

Proud member-owner of the Amicus Solar Cooperative

The Amicus Solar Cooperative is a member-owned purchasing cooperative of 70 high-quality, independent, values-driven solar energy companies across all 50 states, Washington DC, plus Canada and Puerto Rico. We uphold industry-best practices and resources and find the best pricing on quality equipment for our customers.

Certified B Corporation

A Certified B Corp since 2015

We are proud to be a part of a growing community with one unifying goal: to use the power of business to solve social and environmental problems. GreenSpark is a fully independent B Corp with a mission to provide diverse renewable energy solutions that produce meaningful cost savings, local economic benefits, and a better balance with our planet for homeowners, business owners, community partners, and more.

Experts on NYS Polices and Incentives

We offer turnkey energy solutions and help businesses small to large navigate their best options to maximize incentives. When applicable, our commercial solar experts will even submit the NYSERDA grant application on your behalf.

We're Not Just Talk

See what local business owners have to say about partnering with GreenSpark:

"As a family-owned and operated business, Messner Flooring chose to go solar to strengthen our business for current and future generations of owners, customers, and the community. It was important for us to partner with another local, trusted, community-focused business - GreenSpark was professional, experienced, and made the process simple."
Peter Messner, Messner Flooring
"GreenSpark Solar is a small enough company to think through all the details. They are very hands-on and they gave us one main point of contact. They are also big enough to work on the overall project needs, and they gave us customized solutions."
Rob Fontaine​, Upstate Door
"I worked with the GreenSpark team on several projects to improve HARBEC’s efficiency and bottom line with renewable energy. GreenSpark is an industry leader in our region - their experience and professionalism stands out. They continue to be wonderful partners, and I recommend GreenSpark for any business (or residence) thinking about exploring solar energy."
Bob Bechtold, HARBEC Plastics
"Because of the solar system we've been able to hold our prices pretty steady... and that's something the customers may not initially realize but it's something important to us."
Herm Young, Young Sommer Winery
"How do I feel about having the array in my backyard? I think it's fantastic. I love having my own power station, per se. We don't have to answer to anybody and it's just a good feeling. We're pretty independent people and this just furthers our demand for that."
Doug Allen, Long Acre Farms
“As farmers, we spend a lot of money on electricity for our storage, and we know electricity costs are going to go up. Having solar reduce or eliminate our electricity costs is both economically and environmentally strategic for us.”
Ted Furber, Cherry Lawn Fruit Farm​

Solar Options

Owning Solar

If your company would like to maximize savings and reduce your electricity costs to $0, then owning a solar array will provide the greatest return on your investment.

The Benefits

Owning a solar project offers the ability to utilize significant incentives including:

...which combine to cover up to 70% of the cost of your solar array.

GreenSpark solar packages are turnkey, so we will help your business secure all available incentives, and take care of everything: from design and engineering to permitting, construction, and interconnection.

Financing options are available to companies that would like to minimize upfront costs.


Community Solar for Businesses

The Benefits

Community solar and power purchase agreements are great options that make solar accessible for most organizations. Through a power purchase agreement, companies can source their energy from community solar projects.

This means businesses can secure a discount for clean, local solar power and take control of their electricity expenses with a fixed, reduced rate.

Community solar is the option of choice for many large companies or institutions that would like to achieve sustainability goals easily and with $0 capital investment.


Our Work

General Motors
466 kW ground-mount
Zugner & Pedersen Dental Group
28 kW roof-mount
Heritage Christian Services
2.7 MW Community Solar Array

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Funding through REAP is an important step that rural businesses of all industries can take this year to protect themselves against unpredictable rate hikes, all while saving money. With additional state and federal incentives, eligible businesses can save up to 100% of the project cost if they switch to solar in 2024. With solar energy, farms and businesses can protect themselves against unpredictable rate hikes, all while saving money and taking an important step toward energy independence and resiliency.

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Incredible new incentives for rural businesses, affordable housing projects, and tax-exempt/non-profit entities!

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