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Commercial Solar Means Real Savings.

So many businesses and institutions are capitalizing on the financial and environmental benefits of solar energy in the Rochester region and beyond. Making the switch to solar is a key strategic decision with significant financial return for businesses while showing your employees, your stakeholders, and your customers where your priorities lie. GreenSpark makes commercial solar simple.

Own your commercial property? Lease your space? We've got you covered:

Let solar be the power that drives your business forward. Stand out in your industry, inspire the community you serve, and express your commitment to sustainable business practices by making the switch with GreenSpark Solar–your trusted clean energy partner. GreenSpark takes the guesswork out of going solar. Find out just how easy it is to save and take the first step towards energy independence.

Why Go Solar at Your Business?

Save Money

Invest in the future of your business, your community, and the health of the environment with the satisfaction of knowing you’ll see a real return. Our team specializes in customizing projects to fit your exact needs and budget. Let us get creative with you—it's where we shine like the sun powering your future. GreenSpark Solar offers both offsite and onsite solar options to power your business with clean, local energy, so there's really no reason not to do it. None. Nada. Zilch.

Become a Leader in Sustainability

Beyond the obvious financial benefits of solar energy, making the switch also has remarkable environmental and social benefits. Power your business with solar and become a leader in your industry and the community you serve. Inspire your customers, while showing your employees and stakeholders exactly how committed you are to maintaining the highest standards of ethical and sustainable business practices by going solar.

What types of businesses can go solar?

  • Small Businesses
  • Large Businesses
  • Institutions

With more than 15 years of experience in commercial solar installs under our belt, we understand the solar industry and the energy needs of local and regional businesses and institutions better than anyone else.

We plan and install commercial solar for businesses, institutions, and municipalities of all shapes and sizes. Small installs at the local bakery or gas station? Yep. Massive arrays to power local businesses and residents? You bet. Major roof installs for a large regional health system or university? Oh yeah. Municipal solar to power the whole town and school system? Better believe it.

If your business has an electric bill, then GreenSpark Solar has a way for you to make the switch and save. Regardless of the size of your business, your industry, whether you own or rent your property, or even how much roof space you have, we can find a solar solution that meets both your energy and financial needs. It’s that simplewhere there’s a will to save energy and money, there’s a way to make it happen with GreenSpark Solar.

Onsite Solar

If you own your own commercial building and land, you’re already on your way to the biggest solar savings out there. Our expert project management team of designers, engineers, and installers can make any array—roof or ground—a thing of beauty. With an owned system, the financials are a no-brainer. Plus, when the system is paid off, that clean energy from the sun is free of charge. Trust us when we say that bottom line figure on your financial statement will be an eye opener in the best way possible.

Offsite Solar

Do you lease your land or commercial space? Is your physical location just not ideal for a solar installation? Think you can't go solar because of that? Think again. Through the wonders of our affordable commercial solar options, you can get your clean, renewable solar energy from an array that’s not on your premises. It's a win-win for all involved. You get all the benefits and savings of going solar, the offsite land owner gets money in her pocket, and mother earth is happy as a clam.

Lease Your Land For Solar

Get Paid to Host a Solar Array and Help Your Community Save

For more than 15 years, GreenSpark Solar has worked closely with local businesses and landowners to create sustainable partnerships that make Rochester, Central and Western NY a better place. Help GreenSpark Solar bring clean energy home where it belongs by leasing your underutilized land or roof space. Put your property to work on terms that work for you. We’ll pay you to host a solar array that makes solar power a reality for area homeowners and businesses.

What's in it for you?

  • Competitive, generous lease terms that provide a steady stream of income for years
  • Open, honest communication with a local, trusted energy partner dedicated to community
  • A simple, straightforward process that requires minimal effort on your end
  • The opportunity to become a clean energy leader in your community

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