Why Production Guarantees Matter and the Importance of Industry Standards

YES! You’ve made the first step to exploring solar energy for your home. This could be for several reasons - you want to break free from the utility, you want to reduce your carbon footprint, you want to invest in your home instead of the utility, or you simply want to save money. But how does it work? What can your home produce with solar energy? What is solar production?

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Our Community Solar Development in the Greater Rochester Area

We’re working hard to bring a variety of solar options to the Greater Rochester Area, and you can read more about how we're making Community Solar a reality in this recent Democrat and Chronicle article. Community Solar is fairly new and has a great deal of potential, but installing these types of large scale solar projects is easier said than done. Yet again, we’ve never been the type to back down from a challenge! For example, each town has unique rules and regulations pertaining to solar energy development in that area. We work closely with each town to learn, understand,…

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3 of the Best Roof Types for Solar Panels in Rochester

Whether it’s in a field, on a plane, or even floating in reservoir, solar energy systems can be successfully installed just about anywhere. Roofs however, are one of the most common spaces for solar energy systems to be installed, and this is especially true for homeowners. While it’s entirely possible for a homeowner to have a ground-mounted solar energy system, many homeowners lack the space needed to make this a reality. As such, roof-mounted solar panels are pretty much the norm. But not all roofs are created equal, with some being better suited for solar panels than others. So what…

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3 Cool Ways Renewables Are Shaping the Future of Manufacturing

Also known as the Industrial Revolution, the technology and manufacturing boom of the late 19th century was a game changer for the American economy. Unfortunately, all that boom was a bust in terms of causing some pretty serious environmental consequences. And although manufacturing has come a long way to improve its sustainability, there’s always room for improvement. But that’s where the power of renewable energy applications comes into play. Renewable energy sources, such as solar, have the potential to completely revolutionize the manufacturing industry as a whole. In fact, they already have. As more and more businesses make the switch…

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Rochester Electric Vehicle Accelerator’s Workplace Charger Challenge

Join GreenSpark at the Rochester Chamber SPOTlight- Workplace Charging- March 6th at 4:45 to 7pm GreenSpark is delighted to be one of six companies to join the Rochester Electric Vehicle Accelerator’s Workplace Charger Challenge! Sponsored by the Greater Rochester Chamber of Commerce, this challenge will encourage other businesses to install electric vehicle (EV) chargers onsite for employees —and take a step toward a brighter future. GreenSpark began with two EV charging stations in 2016 and within one year, increased to six charging stations due to demand by both employee-owned and company-owned EVs. It is no doubt that EVs are key to…

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