The Inside Scoop to Going Solar with GreenSpark

At GreenSpark, our employees care about our planet and our company's mission. Our COO, George McConochie, says, “At GreenSpark, we are sincere in our belief that solar energy is a force for positive change, and as such, we feel a moral obligation to ‘practice what we preach.’ Employees at GreenSpark should be able to harness the benefits of the work we all do, so we incentivize those investments with significant discounts. We also use employee installations as opportunities for company-wide training, testing out new technologies, and for recycling/upcycling old or slightly used equipment that still has significant life remaining.” GreenSpark’s Junior Accountant, Lori Pulvino, recently went solar. Below is what she had to say about her experience.

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Myth-Busters: Solar Edition

There are many myths floating around about the solar industry and what it means to go solar here in the Rochester and Finger Lakes region. In this post, we'll outline the truth around solar.

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