GreenSpark Solar & CVE North American Break Ground on 26MW of Solar Energy

GreenSpark Solar (GreenSpark) and CVE North America (CVE) have broken ground on a portfolio of five community solar projects totaling over 26 megawatts (MW) in New York State. CVE North America, headquartered in New York City and a subsidiary of the France-based CVE Group, is focused on developing, building, and operating community solar plants across the US. GreenSpark has designed, engineered, and built over 200 MW of renewable energy projects.

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Removing Politics & Morality from the Climate Change Conversation

My dad has consistently reminded me to “talk nice” for my entire life. In his honor, I wrote this piece in an effort to help people to find a way to take the discussion on climate change as an opportunity to teach, learn, and talk nice. I have been frustrated watching the discussion being taken as an opportunity to question the politics or morality of someone who does not fully understand the opportunity that lies in front of us to combat climate change. -Kevin Schulte Removing Politics & Morality from the Climate Change Conversation I must admit that I have…

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Our Community Solar Development in the Greater Rochester Area

We’re working hard to bring a variety of solar options to the Greater Rochester Area, and you can read more about how we're making Community Solar a reality in this recent Democrat and Chronicle article. Community Solar is fairly new and has a great deal of potential, but installing these types of large scale solar projects is easier said than done. Yet again, we’ve never been the type to back down from a challenge! For example, each town has unique rules and regulations pertaining to solar energy development in that area. We work closely with each town to learn, understand,…

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How Solar Energy is Shaping a More Sustainable Future For Livestock Farming

Livestock farming has always played an integral role in both the culture and economy of the United States. But as the landscape of agriculture continues to change, American farms are now facing a series of unprecedented environmental and financial challenges. This is especially true in the case of livestock production, as mounting concerns over greenhouse gas emissions, climate change, and ethical treatment continue to shape consumer behavior. Clean, renewable energy sources, such as solar, aim to meet these challenges head on, allowing American farmers to continue building on their reputation as environmental stewards. The use of clean energy in the…

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