Wayne Industrial Sustainability Park

Wayne Industrial Sustainability Park, GreenSpark Commercial Wind GreenSpark designed, developed, and installed a 850kW wind turbine at HARBEC Plastics in the Wayne Industrial Sustainability Park (WISP) in Ontario, NY in December 2012. This was the first project that GreenSpark finished under the partnership with Harvest the Wind Network. GreenSpark moved some of their offices into the WISP in 2008 and therefore reap the benefits of the second wind turbine, which works in conjunction with a pre-existing 250kW wind turbine that HARBEC installed over ten years ago. The 850kW wind turbine is estimated to produce about 1.75 million kWh over the next 25…

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Camden Hills Regional High School

Camden Hills Regional High School, GreenSpark Commercial Wind Project Windjammers were large sailing ships made of iron and steel, originally used in the late nineteenth and early twentieth century. These steel hulled ships were the grandest of vessels designed to withstand long ocean voyages and harness the wind to transport cargo around the world. True to their namesake, the Windjammers of Camden Hills Regional High School in Rockport, ME, recently completed a grand eight year voyage of the 21st century. Captained by the students, the school undertook several years of research, fundraising, and the successful navigation of complex permitting channels…

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