Dupre Residence

Dupre Residence, GreenSpark Residential Solar GreenSpark started installing residential solar projects in the Spring of 2013 with a 7.14kW ground mounted system at the home of Dr. Robert Dupre. In a recent e-mail from Dr. DuPre he expressed how much power he made in Western New York in one of the cloudiest months of the year, November. “RG&E charges a base fee every month to their customers whether they use any electricity or not.  That base fee is $21.  Please let everyone involved in this project know that last month, our RG&E bill was $22!! We needed to buy $1…

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Whittier Fruit Farms

Whittier Fruit Farms, GreenSpark Commercial Solar GreenSpark installed two solar arrays totaling 9.4kW at Whittier Fruit Farms in July 2013. The installation marked GreenSpark's first commercial solar project in the state of New York. The array is expected to cover 55% of the Farm’s electric load saving the family owned and operated farm about $20,000 over 25 years. Whittier Fruit Farms is a family owned and operated farm since 1974 with fresh homegrown fruits and vegetables. The Fruit Stand is a family friendly experience where you can pick your own fruits, all from the ground, so no ladders are permitted.…

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