Knataitis Residence

The Knataitis Residence Solar Array: Prepared for: David KnataitisTotal Project Size: 8.745kW roof mount on his garageKey HighlightsThis array is expected to cover over 100% of the Knataitis household's electric usageAnnual savings: about $1,500Lifetime Savings: over $37,000Payback Period: under nine yearsThis is a great example of how you can go solar on any roof space—this project utilizes garage roof space!GreenSpark is ready to work with you to find the best array location for your wallet and your preferences. Learn about your solar options today!​

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Messner Carpet

COMMERCIAL SOLAR ENERGY SYSTEM Prepared for: Messner Carpets Pittsford, NY Total project size: 21.420kW total solar split into two arrays: 8.820kW and 12.6kW Expected to reduce electric use by 60% Average annual savings over $3425 Lifetime savings at least $85,650 Payback period 8 years Messner Carpet-Rugs-Flooring installed a 21.420kW solar array at their store in the Village of Pittsford over the summer. The project was put in front of the Village’s historical board and became the first solar project built in the Village of Pittsford’s Historic District. The company, located in the village’s former post office building, was added to the National Historic…

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Bauch Residence

RESIDENTIAL SOLAR  ENERGY SYSTEM Prepared for Tim Bauch Brockport, NY Total Project Size: 8.190kW Average Annual Savings over $1500 Lifetime Savings at least $38,000 Reduction in electric over 50% Payback Period: 10 years The project payback period is a little higher than some systems because Bauch decided to use micro-inverters which allow each panel to work on its own instead of being strung together with other panels. This means that if one panel is shaded, it doesn’t affect the performance of the others. Because his panels don’t all face the same direction and have different shading issues, it was a…

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