Project Highlight: A January Residential Install

You may think that January is a terrible time to install solar. Quite the contrary! The sun still shines during winter, dear friends. Come spring and summer, your solar array is all installed and ready to turn those rays into mean, green, clean energy. Here is a quick look at a current install project in Victor, NY.   Contact us today to get about getting one of these signs on your yard and making 2018 the year to choose renewable energy!

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Solar Tariff – We’re Not Slowing Down

Hello Rochester Area Friends,   Yesterday the President decided to impose a 30% tariff to the price of solar panels.  As you may guess, we at GreenSpark, Rochester's Fastest Growing Company, think this decision is remarkably shortsighted and detrimental to the economy and do not agree with anything that would slow us on our mission to tear down the barriers to clean energy by deploying solar, and doing our part to slow the effects of climate change right here in our community. The good news is this decision will have little to no impact on our growing solar community in…

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Seneca Nation Leaders of Renewables, by Danny Resch

The Seneca Nation of Indians have always respected and relied on their land. They continue to hunt and fish in the wilderness, run and play on Lacrosse fields, and grow vegetables they call Deohako, "the life supporters.” More recently they have been powering their lives with clean renewable energy. They are people proud of the cultural, educational, and economic efforts they take to preserve their great heritage and beautiful homeland. The Nation of nearly 8,000 citizens has recently taken steps to continue this preservation work, a process GreenSpark was happy to help guide. Working with momentum from their 1.5 megawatt…

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