Removing Politics & Morality from the Climate Change Conversation

My dad has consistently reminded me to “talk nice” for my entire life. In his honor, I wrote this piece in an effort to help people to find a way to take the discussion on climate change as an opportunity to teach, learn, and talk nice. I have been frustrated watching the discussion being taken as an opportunity to question the politics or morality of someone who does not fully understand the opportunity that lies in front of us to combat climate change. -Kevin Schulte Removing Politics & Morality from the Climate Change Conversation I must admit that I have…

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3 Ways Your Personal Decision to Go Solar Affects Public Health

Although most Americans care deeply about the environment, it can be easy to take an “out of sight, out of mind” approach when it comes to our individual carbon footprint. This is especially true when considering how our carbon footprint fits into the larger picture of community and public health. As a homeowner, making the decision to go solar is a personal one, however powering your home with clean, local energy has a big impact on public health. Here’s how your personal choice to go solar can improve public health:Reduce water scarcity Water is a basic need for human life,…

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3 of the Best Roof Types for Solar Panels in Rochester

Whether it’s in a field, on a plane, or even floating in reservoir, solar energy systems can be successfully installed just about anywhere. Roofs however, are one of the most common spaces for solar energy systems to be installed, and this is especially true for homeowners. While it’s entirely possible for a homeowner to have a ground-mounted solar energy system, many homeowners lack the space needed to make this a reality. As such, roof-mounted solar panels are pretty much the norm. But not all roofs are created equal, with some being better suited for solar panels than others. So what…

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Why Commercial Solar Energy Systems Make Sense for Rochester Manufacturers

The cost of doing business is going up, especially if you’re in the manufacturing industry. This is due to a number of reasons, with rising fuel and energy rates being a contributing factor. And in an increasingly competitive marketplace where demand is high and production deadlines are tight, manufacturers are spending more money than ever to keep up. As solar energy continues to gain traction within the residential sector, the commercial sector is experiencing a solar boom of its own – and for good reason. This is especially true for businesses that require large amounts of power to operate, such…

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Why 2018 is the Best Year Ever for Residential Solar Energy Systems in Rochester

It’s crunch time folks! There’s no time like the present, and this is especially true when it comes to making the switch to solar in the Rochester Area. It’s hard to believe that we’re nearly halfway through 2018 already, so that makes now the best time to go solar and start enjoying the benefits. Don’t wait until tomorrow when you can start making a big difference in your personal finances, your home’s efficiency, and the health of the environment today. Here’s why: Protection against volatile rate hikes Nothing stays the same, especially energy rates. What you’re paying for electricity now…

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5 Benefits of Sustainable Building and Home Construction

The environmental movement doesn’t have to be confined to recycling empty cans and reducing paper waste at the office. While these small steps contribute to making a big difference, sustainable building is allowing businesses of all sizes to reduce their costs and their environmental impact from the ground up – literally. Also known as green building, sustainable building is the application of eco-friendly, resource-efficient construction processes designed to reduce the overall environmental impact of a structure throughout its lifetime. Construction and many of its operations can have can extensive direct and indirect impacts on the environment, the community, the economy,…

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Rochester Commercial Solar Real Estate Benefits

Things are about to get real in California’s real estate industry. In a bold push towards increased sustainability, the five-member California Energy Commission recently voted in favor of requiring solar panels on the construction of most new homes. The new mandate won’t take effect for another two years, however it’s already making waves throughout the Golden State’s construction, real estate, and solar industries. California has long been considered a national leader and trendsetter in clean energy initiatives, and this most recent piece of legislation is aimed to set the bar even higher. Although it will add thousands of dollars to…

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Why Solar Makes Sense for Sustainable Landscaping in Rochester

Solar energy is being used to power life on Earth in a number of new and exciting ways – from homes, to businesses, to farms, and even flights around the world. And it keeps getting better. As solar technology continues to improve and become even more accessible, solar energy is being used in a variety of new applications, such as lighting for sustainable landscape designs. What is sustainable landscaping and why is it important? Sustainable landscaping was born from increasing environmental concerns and includes a series of strategic methods designed to reduce environmental impact while preserving the overall aesthetic and…

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5 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Solar Energy

The Sun has the power to meet – and exceed – the energy demands of modern life, while preserving the environment we all rely on; an environment that’s currently threatened by pollution, climate change, and the rapid consumption of precious natural resources. While solar may not be able to solve all of the environmental challenges we face, it still has an enormous amount of potential in providing practical, cost saving energy solutions that protect the health of our planet. And that’s a pretty big start. You may already know a few things about solar and the sun, but did you…

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Commercial Solar in Rochester: Why Partner With GreenSpark Solar?

As a local business, trust us when we say that making the decision to go with commercial solar is one of the best investments you can make – for your business, for your community, and for the planet. We wouldn’t be saying this if we didn’t use clean, local energy to power our own office in Ontario. Powering your business or institution with solar is an investment that goes far beyond real financial returns, though that’s a pretty sweet part of the deal. If you’re considering going solar, consider partnering with GreenSpark Solar, your trusted solar installer. We have a…

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