Susanna’s Top 5 Tips for Remote Work


1. Have a Routine
Maybe your routine involves getting up at a certain time or going for a morning walk — getting dressed to go to work even if it’s at a desk 10 feet from my bed is an important part of my routine.



2. Create a Dedicated Workspace
I try really hard not to work in my bedroom. Having a space that is specifically for working helps me transition from “at home” to “at work.”



3. Take Breaks
Get outside when you can. A short walk every now and then to clear the head helps me stay focused.



4. Set Boundaries for Yourself
If you say you work at 9 am – 5 pm, stick to it. Continually checking your work email after you finish up work for the day can cause the lines between work and home to be blurred.



5. Make Sure Your Meetings Are Video Calls as Often as Possible
Getting face to face time with people you work with is important. I find it easiest to communicate with people when you can see their faces.




About the Author 

Susanna Chhibber is GreenSpark’s Project Development Data Analyst, as part of the Commercial Origination team. Susanna joined GreenSpark as an intern while finishing up her Master’s degree in Sustainability from the University of Rochester. Turns out Susanna was a great fit with the renewable energy industry and the GreenSpark culture, and we can’t wait to celebrate her official Workiversary this November.
GreenSpark’s culture is a huge reason GreenSpark was named #2 on the D & C Top Workplace list of 2020. Although our team misses seeing each other on the daily, we accept the challenge of finding new ways to connect and have fun, while doing what we love – bringing solar energy to our community.





Susanna’s home office, complete with her dog, Chessy.

Yes, it’s named after Parent Trap’s beloved nanny and housekeeper.

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