Williamson Becomes First Town in NY to go 100% Solar

GreenSpark Solar installs a 1.5MW solar array at towns capped landfill to supply energy for all municipal loads Ontario, NY – Williamson (NY) is making history. Known as the core of Wayne County, with its vast farmland and ample apple farms, Williamson is now the first town in New York State to be 100% powered by solar. GreenSpark Solar, an Ontario, NY-based company, completed the installation of a 1.5 megawatt (MW) solar array for the town, in December 2014, that will supply all municipal loads with solar-powered electricity. Williamson not only became the first town in the state to become 100%…

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Grandpa’s Nursery and Gardens

Grandpa's Nursery and Gardens, Commercial Solar Project GreenSpark installed a 55kW solar array at Grandpa’s Nursery and Gardens in Sodus, NY in the Fall of 2014. The 55kW array sits on the roof of the maintenance building south of the store. Grandpa’s Nursery and Gardens is a family owned and operated garden center that has been in Sodus for nearly 30 years. The 55kW solar array is estimated to cover about 85% of their annual electric consumption. Interested in learning if solar is right for your business? Find out today.

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Whittier Fruit Farms

Whittier Fruit Farms, GreenSpark Commercial Solar GreenSpark installed two solar arrays totaling 9.4kW at Whittier Fruit Farms in July 2013. The installation marked GreenSpark's first commercial solar project in the state of New York. The array is expected to cover 55% of the Farm’s electric load saving the family owned and operated farm about $20,000 over 25 years. Whittier Fruit Farms is a family owned and operated farm since 1974 with fresh homegrown fruits and vegetables. The Fruit Stand is a family friendly experience where you can pick your own fruits, all from the ground, so no ladders are permitted.…

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Camden Hills Regional High School

Camden Hills Regional High School, GreenSpark Commercial Wind Project Windjammers were large sailing ships made of iron and steel, originally used in the late nineteenth and early twentieth century. These steel hulled ships were the grandest of vessels designed to withstand long ocean voyages and harness the wind to transport cargo around the world. True to their namesake, the Windjammers of Camden Hills Regional High School in Rockport, ME, recently completed a grand eight year voyage of the 21st century. Captained by the students, the school undertook several years of research, fundraising, and the successful navigation of complex permitting channels…

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