Why the Webster Solar Challenge

Webster Solar Challenge

Rochester was recently listed as #2 on Redfin’s list of top 10 U.S. cities in the Northeast region with the most untapped solar potential. So what does this mean for our City and for GreenSpark?  This means we have a huge opportunity in terms of job creation, sustainability, strengthening our local economy, and saving people money by powering our grid with clean, green, and local solar.

GreenSpark went a step further to analyze the towns with the most untapped solar potential, and found that Webster homes frequently have ideal setups for rooftop solar, yet the financial benefits of solar were largely unknown or underutilized in the area. So, we decided to create incentives and bring the solar education to people’s doors and places they frequent, enlisting customers and community partners along the way, to help us spread the word.  Through the Webster Solar Challenge, the more people that go solar the more money they will save!

Many of your friends, families, and neighbors have already made the super smart economical decision to go solar, and now we have even more of an incentive for you to as well.  Learn how it all works today. Already have solar? Refer a friend!

Let’s move from the list of most untapped solar potential to a list highlighting the greenest cities in the United States. It starts with us, you, and everyone we know.

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