We recently visited with Must Stash It, a recent commercial solar customer and self-storage local business.

Tell us a bit about Must Stash It! What makes it unique?

Must Stash It is a locally owned and operated self-storage facility started by two Canandaigua Academy graduates in 2021. We offer indoor storage in various sizes (10×10 – 10×30), as well as outdoor storage for boats, campers, RVs, and other large vehicles. Our larger indoor units and some of our outdoor units are equipped with low amperage outlets for trickle charging batteries.

We have a state-of-the-art operation, including an online booking and account management system, free on-site WiFi, excellent security installations, and modern, all-steel buildings. Since self-storage is not the most glamorous of businesses, we try to distinguish ourselves by maintaining close ties with our community (including other small businesses), developing our site responsibly, and treating our customers like neighbors . . . because that’s what they are!

How/why did you decide to install solar power at Must Stash It?

As stated before, since we grew up in Canandaigua, we feel compelled to develop our facility responsibly. We are proud members of the Canandaigua Lake Watershed Association, and we do what we can to keep Canandaigua beautiful. Being located in an unshaded industrial zone afforded us great roof space for solar panel placement, and we think our customers appreciate knowing that they are charging their RVs and other equipment with clean energy! When you combine the environmental benefits with the excellent financial incentives, short payback period, and attractive installation, it becomes a rather easy decision to go solar.

How was the experience of going solar with GreenSpark?

Our experience was seamless. GreenSpark was a truly professional outfit, and they took care of the entire project with minimal labor on our side. GreenSpark took care of the licensing, design, installation, and inspections, and everything came out great. They have maintained excellent communication throughout, and have even checked in with us after the project was done to ensure we were satisfied with the job.

What would you tell other businesses considering exploring solar?

The payback period is short, the incentives are great, the project is painless, and the environmental benefits are long-lasting!

What has the impact of switching to solar been thus far?

While the solar panels have only been installed for a few weeks, we have received a fair amount of positive feedback from current and prospective customers about our decision to go solar. It’s a great marketing opportunity, and people from an area as beautiful as Canandaigua seem to appreciate our environmentally friendly decision.

Anything else you’d like to share?

Having been through the process, we cannot think of a good reason why a similarly situated business would not want to install solar panels on their unutilized roof space. Industrial/commercial roofs have great production potential, and the end result is fantastic. We appreciated GreenSpark’s encouragement and guidance while we were investigating the possibility of going solar, and we have no regrets!

You can learn more about Must Stash It here.

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