Why Commercial Solar Energy Systems Make Sense for Rochester Manufacturers

The cost of doing business is going up, especially if you’re in the manufacturing industry. This is due to a number of reasons, with rising fuel and energy rates being a contributing factor. And in an increasingly competitive marketplace where demand is high and production deadlines are tight, manufacturers are spending more money than ever to keep up.

As solar energy continues to gain traction within the residential sector, the commercial sector is experiencing a solar boom of its own – and for good reason. This is especially true for businesses that require large amounts of power to operate, such as factories. With sprawling, flat roofs and abundance of wide open spaces, such as empty parking lots or underutilized land, energy-intensive factories and manufacturing facilities are ideal candidates for solar.

Solar energy, along with other renewable energy sources, can help manufacturers offset the rising costs of doing business by:

Reducing maintenance and operational costs

It’s well known that factories and manufacturing facilities use a great deal of energy for production, maintenance, heating, cooling, and other necessities. This often creates a major overhead cost, especially for larger facilities. Commercial solar energy systems are incredibly cost and energy efficient, which can help factories and manufacturers save big in a variety of ways. In some cases, many factories can eventually zero-out their electricity bill. It’s a matter of simple dollars and cents, and solar makes a whole lot of sense for manufacturers.

Creating greater energy independence

Solar energy systems allow manufacturers to establish a greater sense of stability in the face of volatile rate hikes and constantly fluctuating energy prices. Energy rate hikes can deal a devastating financial blow to a manufacturing facility, especially large, energy-intensive facilities such as refineries. Solar gives manufacturers control over their utility costs thanks to the predictability provided by commercial solar energy systems, allowing them to lock in rates for decades.

Maintaining sustainable business practices

In addition to helping manufacturers reduce their costs, renewable energy sources such as solar allow manufacturers to dramatically reduce their carbon footprint. Not only is this great for the environment, but it also helps to create a strong point of differentiation amongst competitors. As consumers become increasingly environmentally-conscious, manufacturers are following suite in order to remain relevant. Solar allows manufacturers to become more environmentally responsible while meeting the needs of their customers in a more sustainable way.

The industrial sector, which includes manufacturing, accounted for nearly a third of America’s total energy use in 2012, according to the U.S. Energy Information Administration. Clean, local energy sources, such as solar, have the potential to drastically reduce this amount while supporting both the health of the environment and the economy on small and large scales.

GreenSpark has helped a number of local manufacturers go solar and enjoy major cost and energy savings. To learn more about commercial solar energy systems, take a look at our commercial case studies. Interested in exactly how much your facility can save? Drop us us line to connect with a solar team member to find out just how easy it is to save and go solar with GreenSpark.  


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