Why We Need Your Utility Bill

At GreenSpark, going solar is a lot easier, simpler, and more affordable than you think.

Turnkey and Transparent: In addition to handling the entire process from start to finish, including financing and determining what federal grants and tax incentives can be applied to your project, one of the ways we take the guesswork out of going solar is by being completely transparent at all times.

That means no surprises whatsoever – well, you might be surprised to learn how much you can save with solar and how affordable it is to make the switch.

Finding the Right Fit: Before you sign on the dotted line, you’ll know exactly how much you can expect to pay each month and how much your solar energy system will save you in both the short-term and over its entire lifespan.

But in order to determine the most accurate estimates for these values, we need some information from you, such as a recent copy of your utility bill. After all, in order to figure out how much you can save, we need to know exactly how much you’re currently paying for electricity.

A current utility bill will also help our team determine what size solar energy system will best meet your energy goals and needs.

To learn more about how much you can save with clean, local energy, drop us a line for a free solar estimate.

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