Proudly One of Rochester’s Best Places To Work

Work is a fact of life, and one that occupies a great deal of our time. On average, it’s been estimated that nearly a third of our lives is spent at work. Keeping this in mind, wouldn’t you want to work for a company that adds to your life? Wouldn’t you want a job you feel good about going to each day?

Well, GreenSpark thinks so.

Recently named one of Rochester’s Top Workplaces in 2018, GreenSpark won first place in the small employment size category, which is reserved for companies that employ 35 to 124 employees regionally.

GreenSpark’s collaborative, family-focused company culture encourages a healthy work life balance and highly values the contributions of each individual employee. Their open, airy office is dog-friendly and its design reflects the core values that make GreenSpark’s vibrant company culture stand out.

“It is all about our culture,” said Meaghann Schulte, director of marketing at GreenSpark. “We believe that when you enjoy what you do and who you do it with, your end-product will be much better. We pride ourselves on our culture — providing living wages, full benefits, unlimited vacation and more.”

GreenSpark firmly believes that businesses have the power to use their influence as a way of solving many of today’s environmental and social challenges. As a Certified B Corp, this philosophy is evident in every aspect of GreenSpark’s mission, vision, and values. Their modus operandi is directly tied to the triple bottom line of Certified B Corps: people, planet, and profit as forces of good.

In addition to a deep passion for environmental sustainability, transparency, creativity, and collaboration are just a few of many values that continue to drive GreenSpark’s fast-track growth. As reported in 2017, the solar installer experienced an impressive 606% growth over in three years, with expectations to grow 50 to 100% annually.

Similarly, strong community ties with customers and other local businesses keep GreenSpark rooted in the economy of the Greater Rochester Area. Customers make up a large part of the GreenSpark family, and can often be seen at company sponsored solar parties.

“It feels much more like a family,” said Mary Nicholas, manager of community organizing.

Nestled next to massive wind turbines that help power to power their Ontario, Wayne County office, GreenSpark’s commitment to the environment is the driving force behind everything they do. They continue to break down common barriers to solar energy, making it more affordable and accessible than ever.

“The future of solar is here,” said Kevin Schulte, CEO of GreenSpark.

Given GreenSpark’s rapid growth and its commitment to community, environment, and people, it’s safe to the company’s future is brighter than ever.

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