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Hedge against market vulnerability with solar.

For the last 20 years, the team at GreenSpark has helped business leaders & industry experts alike protect their bottom lines by investing in solar. As utility rates increase, investing in solar now is a safe and stable option that typically offers a 10% rate of return.

Put your cash to work and hedge against market vulnerability by switching to solar.

Find out your specific annual savings, cash gained over 25-year warranty, available incentives, rate of return, & more

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Businesses in Rochester are Going Solar




GreenSpark is Rochester, FLX, and Central NY's #1 local choice for commercial solar.

 By signing a contract with our expert staff, you join forces with a range of Rochester Chamber sustainability leaders:

Cornell University

In 2020, Cornell announced a 1 MW power purchase agreement on the rooftop of five new buildings of their North Campus Residential Expansion. GreenSpark was

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Corning Inc.

‘Corning has added five long-term community solar agreements with Kendall Sustainable Infrastructure for solar projects engineered and constructed by GreenSpark Solar. Corning functions as an

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