Solar Testimonials

Wondering what it is really like to have a solar installation at your home or office? Considering solar for your family? Hear from our current customers in the Greater Rochester area on what it is really like to invest in clean, local, and affordable solar energy.

The installation of solar panels on our roof was a very positive experience, and I have no hesitation in recommending GreenSpark. From my first inquiry, the staff was responsive and accommodating; the salesman we dealt with was not at all pushy and carefully explained the installation process and the financial details. He seemed genuinely interested in helping us figure out whether solar panels made good sense for our site. The installation crew was friendly, efficient and considerate of us and our neighbors.

Jim Leunk

They take great pride in their work…and that shows in everything from the output of the system, to the durability of the construction and even the aesthetics of the installation.

Robert Dupre

I have had a number of crews here to do work on my home over the years, and the GreenSpark crew was far and away the most professional and considerate I’ve ever worked with. My solar installation was carefully planned and executed and I was kept appraised at every stage. The work crew and project manager were careful and considerate of my property. In fact, I have been impressed with GreenSpark’s level of expertise and professionalism at every stage. Coming from a family that has been involved with appropriate/sustainable technology for nearly forty years, I have a fair bit of knowledge about solar, and I found GreenSpark met or exceeded the bar for every technical concern I raised.

Dave Shein
solar for homes

“From the very beginning Shawn at GreenSpark Solar answered all of my questions and advised me of what my roof was capable of and what I could expect. During the install process their people were pleasant and informative and it only took a couple of days. Even after the install GreenSpark is still here for questions I have, informing me of things like a town inspection and meter switches all making it a smooth process of going solar that I would happily do again. Thank you!”

Andrew Blank

The tax credits are a big incentive. The time is right to find out more about how affordable it is to have solar energy from these guys.

Robert VanWuyckhuyse
solar panel

We researched out to several solar company providers and chose GreenSpark based on the completeness of their introductory conference with us and their preparedness to answer questions.  We felt at all times that GreenSpark was very clear on what would be involved at each step of the installation and they delivered outstanding and timely service at the job location.  They made the process of applying for the green energy tax incentives effortless.  We are extremely satisfied with our solar energy production and look forward to expanding our system with GreenSpark in the near future.  To anyone considering solar,  we would recommend GreenSpark for their friendly and professional service and on time delivery.

Harold Smith

Shawn and John were very insightful setting us up for the install and after almost 20 years of construction experience I don’t think I’ve seen a more professional install.

John Mudrzynski

They installed my system a little over 3 months ago and I absolutely love it!! I’ve already seen a huge dip in my RGE bill, and I personally think the array on my house looks flipping cool!! The people who did the install work were respectful, courteous and efficient.

James Brown

The support I received from the GreenSpark team was incredible. They were always available to answer any questions I had and made the whole process stress-free.

Our rubber membrane roof presented some challenges when it came to mounting the panels, but their team did a tremendous amount of research and planning ahead of time to ensure a seamless installation that looks amazing!

I love using the app to check in on my system during the day. I can see how much energy we’re producing at that moment and view our production over time. While I know I can’t force the sun to shine brighter, I find myself checking in to see if we’ll set a new record each day.

Ben Sears
We LOVE our solar panels! We appreciate their aesthetic beauty in addition to the green energy they bring to our lives. We thought it would be at least another ten years before we could afford these and we were elated to learn about the state and federal tax incentives. We are so grateful for the team at GreenSpark Solar and the opportunity to share our story. We look forward to seeing many more homes in our area take advantage of solar energy!!
Megan Lasaponara and Mike Freese

I don’t understand why everyone doesn’t sign up! It is so easy and perfect to address all the reasons why people are prevented from using solar power. We all need to think green and do something about it!

Pattie Sunwoo

Our family chose to go solar with the array because it was a really easy and local way for us to support something we really care about. The more people that choose solar, the more accessible this inexpensive energy option will become. That means we’re being better to future generations and to the environment. Signing up was kind of a no brainer, really!

Kourtney Blackburn

I knew that solar was the right thing to do, but I held off because I thought there would be a huge expense associated with it. Then I learned about community solar from GreenSpark. I was shocked to learn there is no up-front cost and that the price per kWh is actually cheaper than RG&E. It’s an absolute win-win situation and we couldn’t be happier about it

Fran Reed

My husband and I heard about GreenSpark during the winter.  We were delighted to learn that solar is possible for us without installing panels on our roof. The CSAs are a cost-saving way to do the right thing for the planet in a direct, immediate way. Biggest reason for choosing the CSA route – the future planet that we leave to our grandchildren.  It is a RESPONSIBILITY of all citizens to be stewards of the planet.  Our future generations will be in need of a planet that can sustain life as we know it.  What better reason do we need to be active participants in making the planet a better place for all life? No excuses!  There are no down-sides to the GreenSpark solution of CSAs.  What are you waiting for?

Mary Ellen & Bill Blanchard
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