Solar Testimonials

Wondering what it is really like to have a solar installation at your home or office? Considering solar for your family? Hear from our current customers in the Greater Rochester area on what it is really like to invest in clean, local, and affordable solar energy.

Residential Solar Testimonials

Commercial Solar Testimonials

Long Acre Farm

How do you feel about solar?

Young Sommer Winery

Cherry Lawn Fruit Farms


“As farmers, we spend a lot of money on electricity for our storage, and we know electricity costs are going to go up. Having solar reduce or eliminate our electricity costs is both economically and environmentally strategic for us.”

Ted Furber

Harbec, Inc.

GreenSpark Solar Array

"I worked with the GreenSpark team on several projects to improve HARBEC’s efficiency and bottom line with renewable energy. GreenSpark is an industry leader in our region - their experience and professionalism stands out. They continue to be wonderful partners, and I recommend GreenSpark for any business or residence thinking about exploring solar energy."

Bob Bechtold

Upstate Door

"GreenSpark Solar is a small enough company to think through all the details. They are very hands-on and they gave us one main point of contact. They are also big enough to work on the overall project needs, and they gave us customized solutions." ​

Rob Fontaine​
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