Become a Solar Ambassador

Share your love for solar, spread the beauty of renewable energy, and collect rewards! The more action you take, the more $$$ and GreenSpark swag we send your way!

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Refer a Friend or Business

Send an interested friend our way. If they go solar, we send you $250! Know a business that would benefit from solar energy? GreenSpark Solar offers up to $2,000 for each new business that makes the switch to solar!

Write a Review

Let us know about your experience and we will send you a piece of GreenSpark swag!

Referral Program

Host a Virtual Event

Don’t worry, we’ll do all the legwork; you just invite your friends. We will help your friends Explore Solar for their home or business (minimum 10 households). In addition to a fun virtual gathering, you’ll get a piece of GreenSpark swag. Bonus: If any of your friends Go Solar, we will send you $250 per household!

Attend a Quarterly Tap Into Solar Event

Bring a friend and we’ll buy you a beer; bring more friends and we’ll have more fun rewards for you. When your friend signs up to Explore Solar, we will buy THEM a beer. Light snacks will be provided.

Snap a Solar Selfie

Post your panels on social media and we will send you a piece of GreenSpark swag! Be sure to tag us:

Be sure to tag us
Facebook: GreenSparkEnergy
Instagram: greensparkenergy
Twitter: GreenSparkNRG

Suggest an Event

Suggest a festival or event our Community Outreach Team should attend as an exhibitor and we will send you a piece of GreenSpark swag!

Email our Manager of Community Organizing, Ryan Loysen, at

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