Battery Storage Backup

GreenSpark’s team of certified installers offer the Tesla Powerwall 3 and other energy storage solutions.

Why storage?​

Battery storage backup allows GreenSpark customers to gain energy independence and harness the clean energy of their solar arrays, keeping the lights on during grid outages.

Investing in an energy storage system increases the resiliency & safety of your home, ensuring the electricity will flow even when the grid system is down. 

The combination of solar energy and storage means you can kick fossil fuels to the curb, and become a zero-emissions home.

How does battery storage work?​

GreenSpark solar plus battery storage customers enjoy the security of being grid-tied but not grid-reliant. When your home’s solar array generates excess solar power, that excess power quietly charges your battery.

The purpose of battery storage is to keep essential items powered, such as medical equipment, refrigerators, freezers, lights, and the internet, for example. While it is possible to support 100% of your home’s energy consumption while the grid is down, each situation will differ depending on the devices you’d like to power, the length of time you are powering the devices, and the size of your battery storage.

Solar arrays without storage are designed to shut down during grid outages for the safety of those who may be servicing your home. Therefore, solar customers without storage are subject to grid outages and rely on their utility provider to turn the power back on.

GreenSpark Solar is the Greater Rochester region's #1 battery installer!

Battery storage backup works similarly to any rechargeable battery. The battery storage will seamlessly supply your home with power when the grid is down or when your home is in need of electricity (i.e., at night when solar is not producing).

How does battery storage differ from a generator?​

Storage maximizes your solar array production, powering your home with clean energy 24/7 and during grid outages. Battery storage quietly powers your home and requires no fuel or annual maintenance since it is charged by the sun.

Generators require dirty fossil fuels, annual services such as oil changes, filters, etc., and are known to be loud. Typical generators come with a 0-2 year warranty. Most energy storage systems come with a 10-year warranty and an app that allows users to easily control their systems, all without the use of fossil fuels.

To sum it up, battery storage backup offers a cleaner, quieter, and easier energy solution.

Incentives & Financing

Tax Credit

30% Federal Investment Tax Credit available when storage is powered by solar or renewable energy or as a standalone battery system.

$0 Down Financing

Our team will also walk you through $0 down financing options as part of our consultation, provided at no cost.

Why GreenSpark?

GreenSpark’s team of experts are certified professionals, offering turnkey solar plus storage solutions based on the needs of your home. As a Certified B Corp, GreenSpark defines success based on a triple bottom line of People, Planet, and Profit. This guides everything we do, and we believe you’ll see the results when you become a member of our customer family.

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