What the Heck is CCA?

So your community has decided to implement a Community Choice Aggregation (CCA) program? 

This is a smart step for any community in New York State to take. A CCA can utilize the buying power of your community to negotiate a competitive supply contract with an Energy Service Company and minimize the hassle of trying to navigate this process on an individual basis. CCA puts power in the hands of the community, but make sure you’re educated on how the energy in your contract is being generated.  It is up to the individual citizens and government to ensure priorities, such as clean and local energy, are a chosen path and outcome of a CCA Program.

So your community has decided to implement a Community solar program as part of their CCA? 

This is even better.   A community solar option as part of your CCA leverages your community buying power to get a competitive discount that can help buy down the entirety of your electric bill. Some communities (Villages of Brockport and Lima) are involved in a pilot program where community members are automatically enrolled in a community solar program. This takes the guesswork out of individuals making this decision.  The more communities that proceed with CCA, the more opportunities to continue to expand community solar adoption in New York.

Mission accomplished CCA for all! 

CCA is undoubtedly a key driver to increase the deployment of clean energy generation in NY. But it’s one tool in the toolbox. One of the best financial and impactful decisions an individual homeowner, business owner or public entity can make is to install solar for their own use…and (Sirens Blaring) YOU CAN INSTALL SOLAR AND STILL BE IN A CCA PROGRAM!  In fact, they work great together.  An on-site solar installation can be used to offset both supply and delivery costs on your bill, much in the same way community solar can. But you can take advantage of the many incentives and tax credits that are available to those that own their own solar, while experiencing a greater financial return. Not to mention you’re generating clean electricity locally, supporting the local economy by hiring a local contractor *coughGreenSpark* and, should your CCA have a community solar offering, you can open up a space to a fellow citizen that may not have the ability to own their own solar array.  

So you should be proud if your community does or has elected to proceed with a CCA. And you should be evaluating your options to enhance the financial, community and climate benefits with on-site solar. 

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