The ~2 MW project was completed in 2017 and received funding through NYSERDA’s NY-Sun Program. For this project, GreenSpark met ‘TERO’ stipulations, with approximately 50% of the labor coming from Seneca Nation workers – a great way to assure the majority of jobs remain local to the Nation.


GreenSpark developed and installed a 1.5MW wind turbine for The Seneca Nation of Indians. The wind turbine was installed on common land adjacent to the Gil-Lay Arena in Irving, NY. The Seneca were the largest of six Native American nations which comprised the Iroquois Confederacy or Six Nations, a democratic government that pre-dates the United States Constitution. The Seneca Nation of Indians currently has a total enrolled population of nearly 8,000, of which 50% live off-territory. All credits from the 1.5MW wind turbine will be used to lower the electricity bills of the Seneca Nation residents. Today, the Seneca Nation supports its own people and benefits surrounding communities with a variety of cultural, education, and economic efforts. Seneca culture and values remain strong and intact. Language, song, art, dance, and sports are all vital aspects of Seneca culture. The vibrancy of the rich Seneca heritage is evident in the ongoing ceremonies, practices, and cultural events that are infused with dance, music, song, arts, crafts, and traditional food that honor and celebrate Seneca culture.

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