GreenSpark Solar Partners with Redaptive to Bring Solar Energy to Cell Towers in New York

In the heart of Rochester, New York, cell phone towers are now harnessing the power of the sun, thanks to the collaboration between Redaptive, an energy-as-a-service provider based in Denver, CO, and GreenSpark Solar, a leading solar company headquartered in Rochester, NY. 

GreenSpark Solar was selected to support the engineering and construction of a 401kW DC roof-mounted array for Redaptive’s telecommunications solar project in Rochester. This project will be operational by the third quarter of 2024, marking a significant milestone in the region’s renewable energy landscape.


The Need for Renewable Energy in Telecom:

The telecom industry is known for its high energy consumption, driven by extensive networks of cell towers, data centers, and critical infrastructure. Traditionally powered by fossil fuels, this reliance contributes to significant greenhouse gas emissions and substantial operational costs due to fluctuating energy prices. 

New York State has set ambitious climate goals. Subsequently, leading telecom companies with roots in New York are choosing to adopt solar power in their ambitions to reach net-zero emissions targets and secure time-sensitive solar incentives for their businesses.

Solar Cost Savings for this Rochester Telecom Company

Telecom companies can achieve significant cost savings by switching to solar energy. Solar energy drastically reduces electricity bills, providing an accessible and abundant energy source once the installation is complete. This stability protects against energy price volatility, offering predictable energy costs over time and enabling more efficient long-term planning and budgeting.


The array installed on this Rochester telecom site was financed through a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) owned by Redaptive. PPAs are an alternative option to ownership for businesses that offer predictability and stability through fixed energy rates for the duration of the agreement. It’s an easy way for companies to use clean local energy while saving money on powering their business operations and meeting sustainability goals—all with $0 capital investment.

Environmental Benefits of Solar in Telecommunications

Solar energy offers substantial environmental benefits by reducing greenhouse gas emissions. As a clean and renewable power source, solar energy helps telecom companies lower their carbon footprints and contribute positively to the fight against climate change. 

This transition aligns with corporate sustainability goals and enhances compliance with environmental regulations. Consumers increasingly demand more sustainable practices from telecom companies, and integrating solar energy meets this expectation.

The partnership between GreenSpark Solar and Redaptive highlights the transformative potential of solar energy in the telecom industry. By harnessing the sun’s power, telecommunications companies can reduce operating costs and contribute to a more sustainable future for communities like Rochester. As this 401kW DC roof-mounted array project comes online, it will stand as a testament to the power of collaboration and innovation in driving positive environmental change.

Together, we are not just powering cell towers; we are powering a brighter, cleaner future for all.

About GreenSpark: GreenSpark Solar is an independent solar company that has been providing industry-leading, high-quality EPC solutions since 2002. Our dedicated team of experts specializes in delivering customer-centric, streamlined, turnkey solar solutions that benefit all stakeholders. As a Certified B Corp and member-owner of the Amicus Solar Cooperative, GreenSpark offers our partners industry-best pricing on quality equipment and solutions you can trust. Recognized as a NYSERDA Gold Quality Installer and Top Contractor by Solar Power World, GreenSpark Solar is headquartered in Rochester, NY.

About Redaptive: Redaptive is an Energy-as-a-Service provider that funds and installs energy-saving and energy-generating equipment. Redaptive’s programs help many of the world’s most sophisticated organizations reduce energy waste, save money, lower their carbon emissions, and meet their sustainability goals across their entire real estate portfolios. With Redaptive, customers can overcome capital and contractual barriers to achieve energy-saving benefits quickly, all with real-time data powered by Redaptive’s proprietary Data-as-a-Service metering platform. Redaptive was founded in 2015 and is headquartered in Denver, CO. Visit for more information.

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