Solar for Agriculture and Rural Small Businesses

The Rural Energy for America Program (REAP), included in the recent Climate Bill (Inflation Reduction Act), offers Agricultural Producers and Rural Small Businesses significant incentives to make the switch to solar power. With solar energy, farms and businesses can protect themselves against unpredictable rate hikes all while saving money and taking an important step toward energy independence and resiliency.

REAP Guaranteed Loans and Grants

Solar Panels to Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

Agricultural producers and rural small businesses are eligible to receive these great new incentives.

    • Agricultural producers defined as businesses with at least 50% of their gross income coming from agricultural operations
    • Small businesses in eligible rural areas (population of 50,000 or less)

REAP Program Grants:

    • Capped at 50% of project cost
    • Minimum grant amount is $2,500
    • Maximum grant amount is $1,000,000

REAP Guaranteed Loans:

    • Minimum loan $5,000
    • Maximum loan 75% of total project cost (not to exceed $25 million)
    • Loan guarantee is for 80% of the loan amount

More Solar Incentives for Your Business

30% Investment Tax Credit

This newly-increased incentive means you can save thousands more on a solar project at your business or institution. This credit is now transferrable to a taxable entity and can be applied to storage projects as well.

Equipment Depreciation

Businesses can depreciate their solar project, and through 2024 solar is also eligible for bonus, or accelerated, depreciation.

NY-Sun Program via NYSERDA

This is a first-come, first-served block grant that brings huge additional savings to commercial solar projects. See NYSERDA’s dashboard for the most current block available.

These incentives combine to cover over 80% for most GreenSpark commercial projects. Get in touch to find what incentives your farm or business is eligible for:

Agriculture and Rural Business Case Studies

Long Acre Farms

Long Acre Farms, GreenSpark Commercial Solar GreenSpark installed a 72.8 kW solar array for Doug and Joan Allen at Long Acre Farms in the Spring

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Upstate Door

Upstate Door first made the switch to solar in 2015, with a 400kW ground-mount array installed by GreenSpark. In 2021, GreenSpark installed an additional 322kW

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Young Sommer Winery

Completed in 2015, this 20.67 kW roof mount installation in Williamson, NY for our friends at Young Sommer Winery covers 100% of the winery’s electric load

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Historic solar savings for farms and rural businesses are here.

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