This month, RG&E, NYSEG and The Department of Public Service proposed rate hikes that will heavily affect customers. The proposed three-year plan will include a double-digit rate increase for gas and electricity in RG&E and NYSEG regions. 

According to Rochester news outlets, it is expected that RG&E customers will see a 16% increase in electricity rates and about 11% increase in gas, all within the three-year period. NYSEG and other utility companies originally requested a shocking 22% increase for customers. This is concerning for customers as the rates increase to support the cost of these utility companies to supply energy, but limiting the affordability of utility for many communities. 

However, we have a solution! The best way to combat proposed utility rate hikes is to insulate against energy bill uncertainty and gain energy independence with more sustainable and affordable options, like solar. With solar, the average consumer could potentially save up to $73,276 over a 30-year period.

In late July, the Public Service Commission will hold hearings to continue discussing the proposed rates. GreenSpark Solar will continue to update you on the latest developments of this three-year utility plan and how it will affect our community, stay tuned!

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