Must Stash It, a self storage facility in Canandaigua, made the switch to solar in 2022 with a 10.36kW roof-mount array. This project installed by GreenSpark Solar was funded in part through the NYSERDA NY-Sun program. 

Why We Went Solar

“Since we grew up in Canandaigua, we feel compelled to develop our facility responsibly. We are proud members of the Canandaigua Lake Watershed Association, and we do what we can to keep Canandaigua beautiful. Being located in an unshaded industrial zone afforded us great roof space for solar panel placement, and we think our customers appreciate knowing that they are charging their RVs and other equipment with clean energy! When you combine the environmental benefits with the excellent financial incentives, short payback period, and attractive installation, it becomes a rather easy decision to go solar.”

You can learn more about Must Stash It here.

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