1809 Studios, located in Macedon, New York, has been solar-powered since 2019. The 12kW rooftop solar array, installed by GreenSpark and funded in part by NYSERDA, adds to the uniqueness of this re-purposed, 19th century Erie Canalside Tavern. Here’s what Dave Drago, owner of 1809 Studios, had to say about going solar with GreenSpark:

Why We Went Solar

“Solar just made honestly a lot of financial sense to us, obviously we are very attracted to the benefits of solar with regards to the environment and all that but, ultimately it was a really intelligent move for us to make financially. The tax incentives were massive for a family of people that are small business owners and sole proprietors and make their money off of 1099s. Those tax credits have saved our lives…. Plus the solar panels offset the amount of money that we spent on this really old, old building, what we were spending on heating and cooling and all that prior to having the panels we’ve saved a ton of money since the panels have shown up.”

Working with GreenSpark

“Working with GreenSpark has been amazing since we made the first phone call to the office and they sent somebody out, they were just as excited about the project as we were, had incredible ideas, and also educated us a great deal on what the process was like, even to the point of saying that certain things might not be a good idea and might not be a good return on investment. So, we kinda settled on what the project should be it was built quickly, the crew was amazing, my kids were playing outside and making friends with them, and when the job was done we immediately saw a savings in our yearly utility bill.” 

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