5 Reasons to Go Solar With the GreenSpark Team

Making the switch to solar is an exciting (and sometimes overwhelming) decision. The team at GreenSpark makes going solar easy. With over 20 years of experience under our tool belts, you can always expect a hassle-free process, the highest standards of quality, and dedicated customer care every step of the way. If you’re thinking of going solar, here are 5 reasons to go solar with GreenSpark:

1. You’ll get a custom solar solution.

No two homes are the same, so no two solar arrays are the same. When you start your solar process with GreenSpark, we’ll check out your entire property—accounting for sun exposure, tree cover, the size and shape of your roof, and more to ensure you receive the most efficient solar design for your needs and budget.

Plus, we offer 24/7 system performance monitoring from Omnidian, so you can rest assured your array’s always working at maximum efficiency.

2. You’ll start saving. Big time.

Your energy bills are going up. With solar, you can protect yourself from unpredictable rate hikes from RG&E, NYSEG, and National Grid and lower your energy bills. Solar’s currently the cheapest form of energy, and with current state and federal incentives, you could cover up to 51% of your installation costs. 

Don’t wait to start saving. Our team will walk you through your financing options and even apply for the time-sensitive NYSERDA grant on your behalf! 

3. We’re industry leaders.

At GreenSpark, we offer industry-best installation practices and materials, which means you can expect maximum savings, maximum environmental impact, and not to mention—maximum aesthetics from your array. Looking for a sleek, modern alternative to traditional panels? Ask us about our higher-end, all-black panels.

4. You’ll reduce your carbon footprint.

Going solar with GreenSpark is an easy and effective way to reduce your carbon footprint. In fact, the average GreenSpark residential installation saves the energy equivalent of more than 20,000 miles driven!


5. You can say “see ya” to electric rate hikes.

Ready to achieve energy independence? With solar power, you’re producing your own power—right on your roof. For even more self-sufficiency, consider battery storage backup, so you can keep the lights on even during grid outages.

No matter which benefit catches your eye, you can’t go wrong with affordable, clean energy from Rochester and Western NY’s #1 solar installer.

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