All Ships Rise Together: GreenSpark Named a Top Workplace

For the third time, GreenSpark Solar has been named in the top three as part of the Democrat & Chronicle’s Top Workplaces list. The 2021 honor came with another special designation – the Communication award. 

This Communication award stems from how much employees identify with the statement “I feel well-informed about important decisions at this company.” To a person outside of the company, this might not seem like a big deal. But for many GreenSpark employees, receiving this award validated hard work and intentional efforts to increase transparency at the company. George McConochie, GreenSpark’s COO, noted “We believe that transparency builds trust and a sense of engagement. Our ultimate goal is to create an inclusive workplace where everyone plays a meaningful role as a means to use our company as a force for positive change.”

Here’s a glimpse into why GreenSpark in particular has consistently been on this list.

  1. Practicing our core values.

⚡ Believe in People ⚡ Keep It Real ⚡ Find Joy ⚡ Be a Leader ⚡ Work Together ⚡

We can point to the tangible benefits such as our 401(k) completely divested of fossil fuels, or our above average paid time off and healthcare/dental plans. These things are important. But a huge part of what makes our team tick is the fact we love what we do and who we do it with, and it shows in our work. Matt Vanderbrook, a GreenSpark employee of nearly 15 years & company leader, put it this way: “This team could be in the most boring line of business, and we’d have fun. The fact we are all working to combat climate change is icing on the cake.” 

  1. Transparency

At our once-a-month all-company meetings, employee birthdays and anniversaries are celebrated, new employees are welcomed, updates related to hiring and company structure are shared, and future plans and goals are discussed.

GreenSpark CEO Kevin Schulte shares the company’s financials and encourages financial literacy. Space is created for employees to ask questions around these financials, and employees have an open invitation to reach out to the company Controller for help with understanding how “the books” work. 

Kevin shared his thought process around why this is important – “At GreenSpark, transparency begins with financials.  Simply put, people want to feel comfortable that their financial health is not in jeopardy.  The best way to give them that comfort is by being upfront with a presentation that allows them to understand the financial health of the company.  This transparency has been critical in creating an ‘all ships rise together mentality’ where everyone is working together to ensure each other’s collective success.”

  1. Growing our Culture Together

2020 was a pointedly disruptive year. Our team navigated through a global pandemic and a mass uprising triggered by the killing of George Floyd, Daniel Prude, & many others. The past year has also brought with it company growth, from a financial perspective and cultural perspective. GreenSpark employees created the ‘Taste Justice’ committee, dedicated to ensuring action and accountability in the integration of diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) into all aspects of the work at GreenSpark Solar.

All of this to say, GreenSpark has created a culture dedicated to progress. There is an energy that is the crux of our growth, one that creates an active desire to do and to be better than we were the year before. 

This unwillingness to sit still, combined with our need to stand up, is what makes GreenSpark shine. 


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