The solar market continues to grow with evolving financing opportunities offering increasingly affordable pathways for companies of all sizes. We have heard a lot about the Apples, Targets, and Googles of the world going solar.

However, advancements in financing mean more local, independent businesses benefit from the cleanest and most cost-effective technologies. Rising stakeholder demand for corporate sustainability calls on companies to adapt, with programs such as lease-to-own providing a way for businesses to satisfy these new mandates. With lease-to-own financing, companies experience solar benefits without paying anything upfront and often remain cash flow positive from start to finish.

Here Are Three Reasons This Financing Opportunity Makes Solar Accessible for Businesses:

1) Immediate & Ongoing Savings
Your business will benefit from the immediate and ongoing savings rolling in from your $0 electric bill.

2) 100% Tax-deductible Fixed Monthly Payments 
These fixed monthly payments are 100% tax-deductible as a rental expense.

3) Maximize Solar Incentives
Companies will receive the New York State grant available through NYSERDA’s NY-Sun program, on top of the savings obtained from a $0 electric bill.

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