Heritage Christian Services, a non-profit agency that supports people with intellectual and developmental disabilities, offsets 100% of their electricity needs in the Rochester region with local solar power. Heritage Christian Services entered into solar power purchase agreements as the anchor offtaker in two community solar arrays.

GreenSpark Solar developed and installed the two projects which are owned by Kendall Sustainable Infrastructure (KSI). Heritage Christian Services is expected to save approximately $2 million in energy costs over the 25-year power purchase agreement.

The first community solar array was installed by GreenSpark in 2018 in the town of Parma, NY. The 2.7 MW array provides enough electricity to power 300 local homes and approximately 60% of Heritage Christian Services’ electricity needs. The project also provides educational benefits for the surrounding school districts. 

In 2019, GreenSpark installed a 1.8 MW community solar project in Huron, NY. The array offsets the remaining 40% of Heritage Christian Services’ electricity needs in the region, The other portion of the community solar array benefits local households with reduced electricity bills.

“Our workforce not only does a tremendous job supporting people, but they also care about our environment,” said Drew Bielemeier, senior vice president of operations at Heritage. “The solar idea came from our staff and we are excited to partner with GreenSpark to achieve a more responsible carbon footprint while reducing our costs.” 

You can read more about the partnership in the Rochester Business Journal’s article covering the first community project.

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