GreenSpark is providing the primary engineering, procurement, and construction services for six projects across Central and Upstate New York, owned by Pivot Energy, totaling 27.8 MW. The projects are all tracker systems, which means the solar panels move with the sun in order to maximize production. It has been a privilege working with Pivot, another Certified B Corp that focuses on providing a positive impact on society as measured by environmental stewardship, social leadership, and responsible governance (ESG) factors. 

“GreenSpark pays attention to the finer details on our sites and provides us with quality workmanship. This is typically delivered in a timely manner. Their good relationships with local subcontractors, along with their own skilled crews, gives them the ability to work multiple sites simultaneously.”
— Jay Myrto | Director of Project Management, Pivot Energy

Pivot Solar 3, LLC: Delevan, NY


Pivot Solar 1, LLC: Ticonderoga, NY


Pivot Solar 9, LLC: Ticonderoga, NY


Pivot Solar 4, LLC: Verona, NY

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