Foodlink’s Curbside Market Now Powered by Clean, Electric Energy from GreenSpark


Rochester-based nonprofit, Foodlink, is dedicated to ending hunger and building healthier communities by addressing both the symptoms and root causes of food insecurity. As part of this mission, Foodlink created the Curbside Market in 2013. The Curbside Market is a mobile market that brings fresh, healthy food choices to individuals and families across Rochester. 

Recently, the Curbside Market replaced its fossil-fueled generator with an electric-powered battery storage system from GreenSpark! Check it out: 

“We’re grateful for the opportunity to partner with Greenspark Solar and power our Curbside Market vehicles with a clean energy source,” said Camille Verbofsky, Director of Community Health Programs at Foodlink. “The added cost savings will allow our team to spend less on our operational expenses, and invest more in the communities we serve.”

For the past 40 years, Foodlink has brought together countless community partners to address food insecurity throughout the Greater Rochester and Finger Lakes region of New York. You can learn more about Foodlink, the Curbside Market, and find a stop near you by visiting

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Why Battery Storage?


This electric battery storage system allows the Curbside Market to power its lighting, refrigeration, and air conditioning without the use of a diesel generator while bringing fresh food to our community. That means greener, cleaner operations for Foodlink! 



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