Solar Energy Offers a Solution to Investors

Why take the risk on the stock market, when you can invest right at home?

Solar energy is always a strong investment, but in an uncertain economy, solar energy outshines the competition. Similar to some of the best investment choices out there in today’s market, solar touts a double-digit return rate, with an average annual return in New York State of around 10-14%. In a healthy economy that’s great news, but what sets solar apart is its stability. While the stock market dips during unstable economic times, solar’s return rate remains unchanged. Couple that strong rate of return with a 25-year solar panel warranty and the outcome is a sound investment with minimal to no risk for homeowners.

The average homeowner will pay their utility between $40-50,000 over the next 25 years
The average net cost of a solar installation in Western NY ranges between $9-13,000
The average return rate of solar is 11-14%
The average net profits from solar energy is $25-$30,000
Savings are realized the moment a solar array is turned on
The average customer will see over $40,000 in savings over the lifetime of their solar system



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