GreenSpark’s Reopening Message

Sunnier days are finally here! Since March 13th, our team at GreenSpark has been following government recommendations and implementing social distancing and work from home policies. We did this all with the goal of being prepared to safely return to installing solar energy in our community. We spent this time wisely and while the future may seem uncertain, GreenSpark, loyal to people and planet, feels confident in its mission of creating fiercely local, cost-effective, clean energy options for the Greater Rochester Community.

We’re thankful that we were able to work together, from home, to come up with a strong Covid-19 response, allowing our small, local business to get back to installing in our community safely. NY Pause, believe it or not, came as a relief as we dealt with this rapidly changing, fast-moving global pandemic and the economic shock that came with it. NY Pause gave us permission to focus on the things that matter most, the health and wellbeing of our coworkers, our families, and our neighbors. We leaned on our local Rochester Chamber of Commerce and business community, while also utilizing our industry partners in the Amicus Solar Cooperative to aid in a comprehensive re-opening plan.

We’ll be able to resume installations starting May 18th and have taken this time to train the GreenSpark family in new safety policies and procedures. We are proud to say that we are able to bring back our entire workforce. And, as we are sure more change is ahead, we will continue to adapt with safety as our highest priority for our employees, our families, and our community.

The good news is that the majority of the solar energy process can happen virtually. From setting up your virtual solar consultation and reserving a spot on our construction schedules to virtual inspections and walk-throughs, our team will safely walk you through the entire process. While we will miss sitting at your kitchen table to discuss everything solar and beyond, we assure you we are just as available as we have ever been. We have laid out lengthy, yet efficient, new policies for when your construction process begins to keep everyone safe and moving forward.

Here are some of the measures GreenSpark is taking:

  • All COVID-19 prevention and preparedness safety plans will be enforced in our office and on job sites
  • Social & Physical Distancing: no physical contact with each other, vendors, contractors, etc.
  • Should an employee be required to perform a task within a six-foot distance of another person, a face mask is required.Safety Training:
  • We’ve added on-going safety training programs for all GreenSpark employeesPPE:
  • All employees will be provided with proper safety equipment, like masks, gloves, and cleaning products as well as training on how to use this equipmentSignage:
  • signs will be posted throughout the office and job sites regarding COVID-19 prevention including how to properly wash hands, maintain social distancing, how to cough, understanding COVID-19 symptoms, and utilizing PPOur Office:
  • Our office and shop have been closed since March 13th and received a thorough cleaning
  • Office equipment has been cleaned and requires disinfectant between each use
  • Social distancing of six feet or more has required the physical re-arrangement of our open office space, which is taking time and won’t be reopened to office staff for some time
  • This includes, but is not limited to, properly distancing work stations, conference rooms, and communal areas as well as enforcing handwashing upon entering the building and a new sign-in/sign-out process to help in tracking
  • Office staff will be trained and is responsible for wiping down their own work stations daily, upon the reopening of our office spaceOur Construction Sites – Residential and Commercial:
  • We are Following OSHA guidelines for construction best practices in relation to COVID-19
  • Installation crew members will drive separately to job sites to enforce social distancing and vehicles will be cleaned daily
  • Construction site supervisors and residential installation crew leads will include COVID-specific regulations in daily safety meetings
  • Multiple hands-free portable hand washing stations have been added to all construction sites and all employees will have access to hand sanitizer on-site
  • Tools will be sanitized/cleaned daily and while it is not our practice to share tools, if there is a need to share a tool it will be sanitized prior to the change of an operator
  • Social distancing actions will be enforced on job sites and arrangements with home or business owners will be made for any work that needs to be performed inside


GreenSpark recognizes there is no returning to the old normal. We are all in the process of creating a new normal together and it means so much to have your support right now. We’ve said it a few times, but we’ll say it again – the well-being and safety of the GreenSpark family is our top priority as we continue to fight for the health of our planet. During the NY Pause, GreenSpark Solar celebrated its 18th Anniversary! And for all 18 years, we have been committed to providing clean energy options as a market-based solution to fight climate change. We are confident in our team to continue this battle and to perform this work according to our new policies and procedures. Please reach out to us at any time. We look forward to working with you to Go Solar.

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