Why The Best Time To Go Solar is NOW

Sunshine, Sustainability, and Savings

Solar Energy is a great way to save on your electric bill year-round! GreenSpark encourages you to go green with this clean energy source any time of year, but a Spring install allows you to take advantage of the most sun hours possible in the year. A photo of pink tulips against a blue sky

In New York your solar array can overproduce during the months when we see more sun hours, meaning your solar array will produce more energy than your house needs at any given moment.

This energy goes back out onto the grid and through accounting mechanisms you receive credits on your utility bill for that overproduction in the months when we don’t see as many sun hours (like February for example!). Starting the process now will land you on our calendar for a Spring install – On average, it takes about 2 months* from signing your contract to getting your solar array installed and operable, which strategically sets you up for April operation if you sign on today – you will see immediate savings from the moment you go live. *Disclaimer: each project completion time varies due to many factors, including town regulations, roof height and pitch, customer preferences, etc.
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