3 Solar Energy Considerations for Commercial Tenants

Solar power projects are more flexible than ever, benefiting a wider variety of customers and industries.  Whether your business operates out of owned or leased commercial space, there are cost-effective solar energy opportunities available.

1) Does your business pay a utility bill?

The account paying the utility bill has the ability to benefit from solar energy. If your business does not currently pay the electric bill, it is possible to work with your landlord and utility in order to switch the account.

2) Will your landlord allow solar panels on the property?

Don’t worry, even if the answer is ‘no,’ there are still solar opportunities available. Finding out whether or not your landlord will allow solar panels on the property will simply help to understand the options available to your company, such as whether an on-site or off-site project would be most appropriate.

3) So, what other solar options are available for my business if I lease my building?

Own a Solar Array: GreenSpark offers a turnkey solar package to help your business go solar, with options for on-site or off-site solar power.  Through multiple financing options, there are minimal to no upfront cost opportunities available. Own the system and see a double-digit return on your investment.

Solar Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs): PPAs offer customers immediate savings, reduced costs, and predictability/control through a long-term agreement. This no upfront cost/$0 capital investment opportunity is owned by a third-party, who captures the tax benefits. The customer benefits from a discounted rate for clean, local solar power. This option is ideal for municipalities, large non-profits, schools & institutions.

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