Are you thinking about solar for your business? Do you have questions about how solar might work for you? Read our top five most frequently asked questions about solar to learn more about solar for your business.  

Does solar really work in NY?

Yes, solar thrives here in New York State for a number of reasons.

New York is considered one of the most solar-friendly states in the country thanks to policies and incentives.

New York policy allows customers to earn credits with the utility when their systems are cranking out production in the spring, summer, and fall months. These credits can then be applied whenever a customer needs them i.e. winter months with fewer sun hours and lower production.Can I install solar and get paid by the utility company?

The biggest bang for your buck is going to come from using solar energy directly for your business or institution. New York State doesn’t yet have a financially-appealing option that makes sense for businesses to produce more energy than they need (or sell energy to the utility company).

Will solar reduce my demand charges?

New York’s value stack compensation system earns credits for businesses with a dollar value that can be applied against any charge on their electric bill (i.e. supply, demand, delivery).

How long does it take to pay for itself?

To assume a payback period of any length of time assumes there is an upfront investment. GreenSpark offers solar at no upfront costs to businesses & institutions, offering immediate savings and the ability to be cash flow positive from day one.

But let’s assume a business has decided to own their system and pay for it in cash. These scenarios typically see the solar pay for itself in about five years, depending on a variety of factors. All the while, enjoy a double-digit ROI and watch the savings roll in.

Will solar void my roof warranty?

No, solar will not void your roof warranty, as long as it is installed according to the manufacturer’s specifications. GreenSpark Solar works with all leading roofing manufacturers to ensure our installations get certified by the manufacturer to be in compliance (thus, maintaining the warranty).

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