The Finances Powering Solar Energy

Ask any business or institution why they decided to go solar with GreenSpark, and the answer will involve strong financials.

Businesses and institutions of all sizes, from Park Ave Pets to HARBEC Plastics to RIT to Rochester Regional Health have made the switch to solar. Here are a few reasons why:

No Upfront Costs

The solar industry has grown significantly in terms of the financing options available to Commercial customers. Thanks to industry-specific partners, GreenSpark can secure Commercial customers the most reliable financing options and interest rates possible. We offer options that include on-site and off-site projects with little to no upfront costs and the ability to be cash flow positive from day one.

The Incentives

Combining current Federal & New York State Tax Incentives can result in covering up to 70% of the costs for a business to go solar.

Turning A Cost Into An Asset

Think about it this way. Your business is currently paying a monthly utility bill, which has no end in sight. Switching to solar energy allows customers to take control of electricity expenses and invest money back into the company. Businesses can turn a significant cost into an asset.

A Double-Digit Return On Investment (ROI)

What investments in your life currently result in a double-digit ROI? Solar begins saving you money immediately and at a rate more favorable than nearly any other investment opportunity out there.

Let GreenSpark crunch the numbers for you. We’re happy to provide your business with a free solar analysis.

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