Student Visit: Megan

My name is Megan Lambie and I am a senior at Wayne Central High School. In the fall I plan to attend SUNY ESF for aquatics and fisheries and I will eventually become a marine biologist so I can help preserve the oceans. To me, protecting the environment is one of the most important things we can do since everything we have relies on the health of this planet.

When I came to GreenSpark, I found a group of dedicated people from all different backgrounds who came together to help the environment. The atmosphere in the building was very relaxed and friendly and each person was happy to explain what they did and how everything worked. Although my career interests do not directly line up with what GreenSpark does, many people not only explained what they did, but they made connections to marine biology for me, showing that they genuinely want to help others understand more about helping the planet. They will patiently explain what actually happens throughout the whole process and what the outcome will be.

I learned that switching to solar energy is much cheaper than other energy costs and the use of renewable energy helps to reduce pollution and greatly reduces our carbon footprint. Although each energy source can have its downsides, like using rivers and the oceans for energy can harm marine life, solar energy is one of the most environmentally friendly sources of energy. The sun is constantly sending energy down to earth so using solar energy to power our homes and businesses is a much more efficient way to operate.

The group seems genuinely interested in educating society on how they can help the environment and they will help each person and business find the best way to use solar energy for each unique situation. Rather than being a group centered around money, like many of the big companies, GreenSpark is dedicated to doing what’s best for the environment and society. These days, in a world with too much plastic in our oceans and our large carbon footprint, a company with the motive and drive that I saw in GreenSpark is very reassuring.

Megan Lambie is a Wayne Central High School Senior who plans to attend SUNY ESF in the Fall.

GreenSpark Solar prides itself on community partnerships which provide renewable energy education. Education empowers individuals, communities, and businesses by helping them understand how to lower their carbon footprint while bettering our local environment and economy. While solar energy may not be the right fit for every single person, business, or institution education on the topic can spread the benefits just as fast.

Often you will find school groups from kindergarten-college touring our offices with the opportunity to further their education on solar energy. We have also hosted student interns from Wayne CSD, RIT, U of R, and more here at GreenSpark Solar. For more information about a tour, educational opportunity, or internship, contact

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