Three Reasons Businesses Are Going Solar

Though they get talked about the most in the news these days, it’s not just big corporations–Google, Walmart, Apple, Intel, IKEA, and more–that are making the shift to solar. Western NY businesses, municipalities, and institutions like Rochester Regional Health, RIT, General Motors, Heritage Christian Services, the University of Rochester, and the Town of Williamson, among many others, have invested in local solar with GreenSpark. We’ve worked with companies and organizations of all sizes to help them find the right solar solution for their needs. In our 16+ years of experience, we’ve seen a number of reasons as to why local businesses want to go solar. From cost savings to flexible options to meeting sustainability goals, we can help you and your business make the switch to solar. Read on to learn more about each of these specific areas and how they might relate to your business or organization.

Solar saves money immediately and lowers operational expenses

As electricity costs continue to rise, companies are taking control of an increasing expense by turning it into an asset. The transition to solar provides predictability and stability -no more random rate hikes that are out of your control.

Switching to solar is a powerful shift that allows you to make an investment back into your company, thanks to the solar savings.

Solar is flexible

Flexibility is at the core of our solar offerings. We realize that businesses come in all sizes and types. We will support your business on your solar journey as you make positive changes, regardless of whether you own or rent your office space. With on-site or off-site solar options, and a number of financing options, solar has never been more flexible.

Solar is a cost-effective way to meet sustainability goals

Being a better steward for our planet is a top concern for your customers and employees. Transitioning to solar not only helps your organization meet sustainability goals, it also helps your business stand out among competitors. Consider making a sustainable investment that will get you a double-digit return. It’s a win-win-win.

Find out how solar can work for you

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