5 Ways to Help Get Company Stakeholders on Board With Solar

As solar-savvy professional, you’re probably well aware of the benefits of solar energy for businesses. You’re familiar with the cost and environmental benefits. You know about the generous federal incentives and tax credits. You understand that consumer trends lean towards companies that have sustainable business practices in place. You get it.

The only problem? Your company’s decision makers and stakeholders may not be totally sold on the idea of solar for one reason or another. In order to show them all of the benefits solar can provide to their organization, you have to talk their language and broach the subject of solar in a way that makes sense to them.

Here’s how to navigate the approval and vetting process of your workplace in order help them take the first steps to going solar –

Understand what is most important to company stakeholders

Solar energy may not be on the radar of your company’s executives, but it can be if you position it correctly. Costs and return on investments are important to nearly all company stakeholders, regardless of industry. So while they may not be thinking of solar as a viable energy option, stakeholders are constantly thinking of and reviewing expenses.

For example, you can present solar energy as an effective way to hedge against increasing electricity rates and volatile rate hikes that can dramatically increase a company’s annual expenses. They key is to think the way they think and present solar as a solution to both existing and future challenges.

Get your coworkers on board

Chances are, you’re not the only employee that’s passionate about the environment at your workplace. In fact, the majority of Americans care about environmental issues and want to do their part to protect it. It might be helpful to organize a group or team of coworkers who can help you present the idea of solar to your company’s executives. After all, it’s difficult to ignore a group of dedicated people committed to positive change.

Tie clean, local energy into the company mission

Your company’s decision makers are most likely very interested in what the public thinks of your company, and you can use this angle to talk about the benefits of solar for businesses. Recent consumer trends reveal that the overwhelming majority of consumers would rather support businesses with environmentally responsible practices. In addition, consumers are more than willing to pay more for products that are produced ethically and sustainably. Use this information as a way to position solar as a integral part of your company’s mission, vision, and values, especially as it relates to public perception.

Instead of avoiding or shrinking away from these subjects, address them head on and provide potential solutions. It’s important to highlight the proven risks of not going solar, which can outweigh any potential concerns.

Interested in more resources and help in talking to your company’s decision makers? GreenSpark can help.  Complete the form below to learn more and schedule a free solar analysis. 


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