3 Spooky Reasons to Power Your Rochester Home With Solar

Halloween is right around the corner, and with that comes lots of delightfully frightful fun. And while most things about this exciting time of year are entertaining, some things are just downright spooky and scary, like continuing to use fossil fuels and other traditional energy to power your home when you can use clean, affordable solar energy.

On the surface, that might not seem that bad, but here a few scary facts –

You’re spending more money than you have to

Not only is solar energy affordable, but there are a variety of generous federal incentives and tax credits that can reduce the out of pocket expenses of making the switch. Generally speaking, the average monthly electric bill for New York state residents hovers just over $100, with an annual cost of $1,200 which is far from being chump change. Random, volatile rate hikes can easily inflate this number, in addition to the steadily rising cost of electricity. Scary stuff, huh?

On the other hand, solar allows you to pay a steady, flat rate for the cost of your array until it’s paid off, which is generally within 5 to 10 years for most installations, though the payback period can vary depending on the project details.

Local economic growth and stability

The future of the energy industry is renewable – literally. This is especially true in New York state, where Governor Cuomo recently announced the availability of $27.5 million in new funding for clean energy workforce development and training. Going solar doesn’t just save you money as a homeowner, but it also helps to support the health of the local economy and sustainable job creation. And without a thriving local economy and a solid employment rate, the Rochester area would be a pretty spooky place.

The use of fossil fuels contributes to climate change

The times are a changin’, and so is the climate. Unlike the Boogeyman which is scary but fictional, climate change is both very scary and very, very real. When fossil fuels are burned for fuel, they release harmful gasses into the Earth’s atmosphere which can trap eat and disrupt natural weather patterns. This makes it harder for certain species, including us, to survive.

In addition, the air pollutants produced by fossil fuel use can have a negative effect on public health both now and in the future. Keeping this in mind, it’s easy to see how solar energy is a breath of fresh air.

Stop living in fear of high electric bills, rate hikes, and carbon emissions! 

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