3 Easy Ways Rochester Manufacturers Can Go Solar and Save Big

The industrial and manufacturing industries include a variety of different sub sectors, many of which are intricately tied to the overall health of both the economy and the environment. And while each sub sector is distinctly unique, there is one thing they all have in common: substantial energy use.

Factories, manufacturing facilities, and similar work spaces that fall within the industrial or manufacturing sector require a great deal of electricity to operate, let alone meet their production goals. Regardless of sub sector, the manufacturing process is extremely energy intensive, which can easily cause a facility’s energy costs to skyrocket.

Fortunately however, commercial solar energy systems make it incredibly easy for manufacturers to dramatically reduce both their costs and their environmental impact – a win-win that allows manufacturers to meet the needs of their customers in a more efficient and sustainable way.

Most people are somewhat familiar residential solar energy systems, but how does a huge factory or manufacturing facility go solar? Generally speaking, it’s probably easier than you think, especially with GreenSpark. Here are three ways we help local manufacturers go solar and start saving:


With their large, sprawling flat roofs, factories are excellent candidates for commercial solar energy systems. This space is ideal for a roof-mounted solar panels that can provide the factory with clean energy for decades. Roof-mounted solar energy systems are great way for manufacturers to develop this often underutilized space and use it to their advantage. 


Unlike residential areas that have limited space for ground-mounted solar energy systems, factories and manufacturing facilities often have a great deal of wide open space that’s perfect for a ground-mounted solar panels. Fields and parking lots can be turned into cost and energy saving solar powerhouses, and are a viable option for facilities that lack adequate flat or open roof space.


No room on the roof? No open fields or parking space? No problem! Commonly referred to as solar farms, offsite commercial solar energy systems are a great way for factories and manufacturing facilities to go solar even if they lack the real estate or space to do so. Like roof or ground-mounted solar panels, offsite commercial solar energy systems allow manufacturers lock in energy rates while the avoiding the risk and uncertainty of volatile rate hikes.

After more than 16 years in the game, GreenSpark Solar has helped a number of local manufacturers and businesses go solar. Check out our case studies to learn more about our past commercial installations. Contact us to learn just how much your business can save with clean, local energy!

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